Strawberry Buck

By Chris Haase

January 7, 2022

In preparation for my children to begin deer hunting, I decided to put the new 6mm ARC and the 103 ELDX load to the test as I feel that it would be a perfect fit for the application.

I can honestly say that the AR platform is incredibly pleasant to shoot in this cartridge and accuracy is superb at 1/2 MOA with my particular rifle. The rifle/cartridge combination proved deadly for a giant swamp buck that usually only comes out at night to visit our neighbors strawberry patch. A single 150 yard shot is all it took. Bullet performance was excellent demonstrated by tremendous internal thoracic damage and complete pass through the off side shoulder. The cartridge doesn’t appear at first glance to exhibit the kind of on game performance that it truly produces alike many of the larger cartridges I’ve used for whitetail in the past.

What started off as a test has more than likely turned into two hunters that’ll end up sharing a box of shells.

Respectfully Cj Haase. DVM PhD.

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