Springbuck in the Karoo

By Dave Warmenhoven

August 9, 2020

So basically a friend and I decided to venture out of our comfort zone and go to a small town in the Northern Cape province in South Africa called Richmond. After the 8 hour drive we reached the farm and unpacked, chilled and had supper. The following morning we decided to check zero on the rifles and head out to the veld. We were looking for the grand slam of springbok hunting which includes the common springbok, black, copper and white springbok. The first ram was spotted close to 230 netted away. Shooting with a Mauser M96 6.5x55 Swede with Hornady 140gr SST it made quick work of putting it down. Seeing as though we wanted to minimise meat damage we aimed to take only head and neck shots. The others were all taken at 350-410 meters. Challenging conditions and distances but with the straight shooting 6.5 calibre and excellent bullet characteristics it was an unforgettable hunt.

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