Smooth buck

By Dean

November 20, 2019

Several big buck kept popping up on my trail camera prior to the 2019 rifle season. I watched the same group of doe for the first four days of the season But did not see any of the buck I had on trail camera. Finally, as I was watching the group of doe on Wednesday morning, two of the smaller bucks appeared. As they chased and herded the doe, I caught sight of another deer creeping down the tree line I was located. He would stop long enough to watch the deer in the field, then continue creeping. My hunting buddies always called that smoothing. Sliding through the trees without making a sound checking rubs but always having a watchful eye on the doe. He ended up smoothing within a few yards of my tree. I did not have him in the perfect opening of the trees when I shot, but my 165 grain Hornady whitetail interlock sp in 308 caliber stopped him cold.

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