Shooting School

By Erich

January 10, 2013

I have been fascinated with Long Distance shooting since I was young. Unfortunately there are not many places around Western PA to practise the craft and practise you need. So a friend and I were milling around a local gunshow when we happened upon this fellow with some pamphlets and a rifle on his table, nothing else. The rifle was custom and befitting my taste so we began a dialouge. Long story short, this guy ran a school for long distance, it was within an hour drive of my town and it was affordable. So here is my oppertunity. My friend and I, being Varmint Hunter Assoc. members were all but ready for it. It had taken 2 years for our schedules to work out, guns prepped and loads done up. We were off to school!

So there we are amongst 8 other fellow shooters. I with my custom 30-06 on 700 action and my 400 freshly loaded cartridges sporting Superformance powder and 200 with Hornady 168gr BTHP Match and 200 with 175gr Bergers. We began shooting at 100 and ended out at 1200 yards. I can say this, my loads were spot on and the case of Superformance I bought was not a waste. Flawless performance on both the part of the bullets and powder. I was concerned after shooting the 165gr GMX factory loads during work up. They were no where near as tight as my loads but they clustered a quarter sized group compared to a dime difference. The 165gr Match seemed to get buffetted by a gusty wind on day 3. I am certain that if I had 178gr Match Hornadys they would have faired well.

Thank you for helping a burgoning young long distance shooter and handloader look like he knew what he was doing.

P.S. You can check out an article on the school in springs edition of The Varmint Hunter magazine

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