Pennsylvania Buck

By Matt R.

December 8, 2014

I was getting trail cam pics of a nice 9pt in November that I named G 2.5. He had an extra tine between his G2 and G3. I had one encounter with the buck in Archery season but it was to dark to see to shoot. I only had two days for rifle season to hunt, so I hoped I would get another chance at him. I've been shooting Hornady ammo for years and have had great success. Hornady 308 150 grain GMX was my selection for Pennsylvania's deer season. Second day of rifle I had 6 does work into the woods I was in and there was only one spot that if a buck followed I would be able to squeeze a bullet through. Few minutes later I saw a buck on the same path as the does. The buck which I saw was a shooter stopped in that one opening. There was still a fair amount of brush covering the deer but I know the Hornady bullet would make it through it. I shot and the buck ran down hill about 80 yards and piled up. Only at he time of recovery did I realize it was G 2.5!! Thanks Hornady for being Accurate, Deadly and oh so Dependable!!!

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