Patience paid off!

By Alex Jones

December 4, 2012

We were sitting up high enough so we can see the creek bottom in my Doghouse Popup when I spotted the hind end of a deer dropping into the bottom coming towards. It dropped out of sight behind brush and bottom of the creek then popped back up on our side. I lost sight of the deer because of my angle of view in the tent, but Alex was already on him with a shooting solution ready to shoot.

Clay, it's a buck, A BIG BUCK! The Remington 25-06 roared breaking the chatter of squirrels and distant chain saws and barking dogs. The buck wheeled straight up into us dropping just 35 yards away. Range 75ish yards with a Remington 700 CDL cradled in a Ramline youth stock, topped with a Sightron 3x9x42 Duplex fueled by Hornady 117 gr SST propelled by stiff load of IMR4831 and ignited by Federal 215 primer. The bullet hit a rib bone going in and sure made a big exit hole.

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