One shot, one kill

By Joe Metzger

June 14, 2019

My story starts with coming home from the military and finally having the time to enjoy the outdoors and go on frequent hunts. My hunting party and I were at a sandpit zeroing our urban hunting slug guns and rifles for northern rifle zone. My brother in law opens up a 5 round box of Hornady SST slugs and zeros his shot gun in with those, all the while he was putting slugs through the same holes for shot groups, I was sold at the sight of that. I used the same in my Remington 870. Now all of my hunting rifles from coyote rimfire savage 93 .22WMR -- large game cartridges all use Hornady ammunition. All of my rifles perform lethal accuracy every time, and not once have I ever had to make a follow up shot.

I love your ammo. My hunting channel on YouTube features your ammo in every firearm related video.

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