"New" New Mexico State Record Black Bear

By Mark Sons

March 11, 2014

Caught this big boar 10/26/2013. We fought him on ground for over an hour before my 'Crook" and "Bug" dog finlly got him to climb. When I made it to the tree he decided he was going to make a getaway. He came down the tree and came right towards me. Dogs were still loose, as I said, I had just arrived at tree. So, my Crook dog, showed in pic, grabbed the Bear by the ear just like he was a hog. "Look at left ear in pic, you can see it is still wet"! As it turned out, it slowed him down just long enough for me to get my Marlin Guide gun up nearly to my shoulder and put a Hornady 350 gr. RN in his chest. He landed about three feet from me when he finally came to a stop! We retrieved bullet from his left hind quarter while skinning! He put three other dogs out of commission but they all survived. His preliminary score was 22 1/4". Breaking the old record by a little over 1/4". I am so glad I decided to load the Hornady 350 gr. RN bullet. Anything less and I might not be here telling this story! Good Hunting and may God Bless everybody that needs blessing!

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