My first 400 yard Hog

By Tracy

June 4, 2020

I normally hunt with a 308 MSR with Night Vision and it is a heavy weapon longest kill 250 yards. For a change I decided to purchase a light 6.5 Creedmoor to hunt with during the daylight. Did some test loads using 140gr 6.5mm Hornady SST Bullets. Made some loads that performed the best. I go hunting and I had to sight in my gun for those specific loads. 5 shots and done. Fast forward 40 minutes later. A boar shows up 400 yards from my blind. I knew the drop based on the Hornady site Ballistic Calculator so figured why not take the shot. Lined up with the proper holdover for that distance and pulled the trigger. My longest shot ever on an animal and the first on animal with this round and gun dropped the boar where he stood. So happy with the tools Hornady has provided hunters.

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