My biggest Muley so far!

By Shane

December 4, 2017

I had two deer tags this year. Filled my doe tag on opening morning with my new Tikka 7mag rifle Shooting 162gn ELD-X's with 68gn of H1000. Headed out the next day with a buddy and he filled his tag right after daylight. He shot his buck with a 143gn ELD-X from a winchester XPR 6.5 creedmoor 575 Yard. Dropped him on the spot. Later that day after packing my buddies out we headed to our other spot. After a little walk to our canyon I spotted my deer bedded down at 225 yards. After a little heavy breathing and calming my nerves I let the Tikka 7mag roar. The 162gn ELD-X did it's job the buck did not move an inch.

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