My biggest buck

By Chandler Roberts

December 13, 2019

Never seen this buck until 2 days before I shot him. I was coming out from my grandparents land after hunting that evening and saw him run through the field chasing a doe. He was know where’s near where I’ve been hunting. So I knew the next morning I needed to move my stand and put it close to where I saw him.

The next morning after not hardly sleeping bc I couldn’t get the buck off my mind lol. I went in got my stand and went to where I saw him. He had rubs and scraps all in those woods. I hurried up found a tree and hung my stand. It started raining for about 3 hours and I knew the rain had washed my scent away. I hunted that evening and right at dark I saw him out in the field. The next morning I couldn’t hunt bc I had a few things to do with my grandpa.

Knowing that buck was around I took my rifle with me. Got to my grandparents house and while eating breakfast I look out the window and low and be hold there stood the giant. I run and grabbed my gun from inside the house and slowly walk out the back door where he could not see me. I finally get to where I see him and have a good rest. I lay my Winchester model 70 7mm WSM on a wooden fence post and pull the trigger. 208 yard shot the giant dropped dead like a sack of tatters.

I finally put my hands on the biggest buck of my life. Big 8 pointer with a 22” spread! Thank you Jesus and thank you Hornady for making the best ammunition on the market!!

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