My 2017 Whitetail

By Andy Bailey

November 22, 2017

The date was Saturday 11/11/2017. I arrived at my stand around 02:30 in the afternoon and began scanning the field for deer. Around 04:00, a pair of twin whitetail fawns appeared in the field, followed by their mother a few moments later. After a few minutes, they sensed that something was not right so they made their way back into the woods. At that moment, I saw this young buck slightly further north in the field. As soon as he turned broadside, I set up my savage model 116 in .270 caliber for the shot. In the chamber, Superformance ammo with a 140 grain SST tip. I squeezed the trigger, and the deer dropped in his tracks at a distance of 225 yards. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to take a nice deer such as this one and thank Hornady for such an accurate, dependable bullet.

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