My 1st deer and she's a beauty!

By Brandon Anderson

March 10, 2015

My very first deer hunt and it was a very successful one. Me and my wife started our vacation with a visit to Uno Mas Ranch in Bandera, Tx, our guide and ranch owner Coy Sako, picked us up around 6:30 AM and we were all in the blind by 7:00 AM. After about 30 minutes the feeders went off and there goes the alarm clock for the Sako Whitetails, Blackbuck Antelopes, Axis and the Schimtar Oryx. Were looking a two feeders both at about 80 yards away in two opposite directions. We first get some Sako whitetails then a beautiful Trophy Blackbuck steps in the mix...then finally 15 min later the Axis show up, my hunt was for a Axis Doe. There was about 4 of them, one ended up being a spike so I had 3 to choose from. Found my baby and just waited for a clear broadside shot, they were all on top of each other so my shot would've taken two, Im here for one. So we wait, patiently 2 of the does run off leaving the spike, the axis doe, and a big trophy blackbuck. I wait for my clear broadside shot when the spike runs more Axis except the one I still have in my cross hairs. Blackbuck finally moves and she is broadside, Coy my guide says "ready when you are", I held my breath, steadied the shot and squeeze the trigger. I see her hop to the right and my visual if her is no more. We gave her about 5 min before we walked towards the shot to follow a blood trail. We had a feeling she was down quick. We get out of the blind and started walking and there she is not but 10 feet from where she was standing last. Awesome Experience, that Hornady load is unbelievable!! Wouldn't have any other Ammunition in my firearms.

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