Muzzle Loader Ammo

By Leo James

November 6, 2021

I recently began using the 50 Cal SST-ML Speed Sabot® 250gr. My muzzleloader (knight revolution stainless, 50 cal) really likes this load. This only being my second season with this ammo, 1st deer at 100 yards, 2nd at 175-180; both required no tracking. Not to mess with a good thing, but the ammo is hard to locate where I am. I really like the red sabot with the pellet (powder) holding system, i'td be nice if these could be purchased in bulk. I'm considering switching to the all copper bullet with sabot or something with a boat tail in 250 gr. as I've heard good things about them. Included is one photo of the deer the was over the 300 lb+ range

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