Montana oddball

By Gabriel Kessay

December 28, 2018

This year (2018) was my second year in the mtns of Montana chasing mule deer. This year without the early snows of 2017 I was determined to go as far into the wilderness as required. Four miles back and a couple days of turning up exceptional bucks in the early rut I finally found what I was looking for, at 427 yards.

I’ve been shooting my custom 260 Remington at 800 all summer in preparation. I was comfortable with the shot, knowing that the 143 ELD-X was up to the task. One shot and a short blood trail was all that was needed and my freezer is full. To top it all off I have a great story and a memento from the mountains that I only get to once a year. I will continue to put my trust the ELD line.

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