Mickey Moose

By Kenny Broadhead

March 2, 2016

I told my friend that I already named the bull I would get Mickey as in "Mickey Moose". A once in a life time tag, Literally, here in Utah. it took me 16 year of applications but I lucked out and got a tag. We saw several Bulls the first 2 days but always culminating with, "Naw that's not Mickey." Then the evening of the second day he followed a cow out of the trees, headed for a water hole. We looked at each other and said simultaneously, "That's Mickey!" For a Utah Shiras he was magnificent! Sentenced to the remainder of his days hanging on my wall by a .375 Ruger, Hornady brass, topped with a 270 grain Barnes X. One shot, DRT (Dead Right There), 274 yards. Year 2009.

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