match grade versus all others

By Brian Trible

December 23, 2018

I'll start off with the buying of a new firearm to tool around with. This year I purchased a 6.5 Creedmoor, I have been wanting one for a while. So while in the gunshop the gentleman that was checking me out was asking me what rounds I would like to have etc.. Side note, I live in Northeastern PA, its densely wooded and long shots really are NOT frequent. Average shot around here is about 75-100 yards. So he kept pushing match grade ammo. I explained that I really did not need it yet, however in the summer when I start playing around with the rifle a little I will be back for some. So I purchased the American Gunner 140gr. Zeroed and sighted in and ready for buck season. First day of the season about 200 yards away, downhill slope that was pretty steep, and through alleys of trees. Here comes a six point walking down through. The weather was rainy, I almost didn't feel like messing around with taking care of a deer. So reluctantly I pull up, wait for him to come in between a couple trees and stop. I aim for the head (thinking that if I don't connect I won't be too disappointed with the weather and shot difficulty). I exhale, and squeeze the trigger, next thing I see an antler fly off and this deer drop. I nailed this guy just shy of 200 yards through the woods. So, that being said. I have used Hornady ammo for years. I love the accuracy and consistent groups it produces! You guys are great!

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