Longest shot at Biggest Buck

By Roger Dorsey

December 3, 2012

While shotgun hunting in Ohio it had turned into a long depressing week, by Thursday afternoon it was a fight to even get into the stand, however I did and at 16:58 I stood up in my stand looked out the back toward the open corn field and out stepped the biggest buck I have ever laid eyes on (in person) in the woods. I figured I only had one shot and this buck of my life-time (thus far). I figured the distance to be about 200 yards, so I leveled my scope about 6 inches above the back of this monster and let the Hornady 12 GA. SST Shotgun Slug fly.

Just as advertized this highly accurate round struck true, the Buck mule kicked and ran 40 yards before collapsing. After settling down from killing a massive 8-point giant (B&C Score 146) I got my range finder out to find the distance and it was a 242 yards. I will never buy a different type of Ammo. A hunter friend of mine and I discussed why I would pay 15-16 dollars a box for ammo when any old ammo would do, he now is a true believer that you get what you pay for.

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