Load Development - 225gr. SST

By King Paul the Last

September 29, 2017

While not complete, initial results indicate great promise for this bullet. Two of the incremental loads grouped near 1/2MOA. With both groups, I am sure if I had done my part better, they would be under the .5 mark.

  • Rifle: Ruger M77 Mkll; bedded and free floated, bolt lugs lapped, throat polished (every 200 rounds),replacement trigger (1.5#)
  • Optics: Leupold VX-3L, 3.5 - 10X, Burris Signature Zee rings
  • Load: WW case, CCI LR Magnum primer, IMR 4350
  • Bullet: Hornady 225gr. SST (33202)

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