Lifetime Boone and Crockett Grizzly

By David Melber

July 9, 2021

It was my first trip to Alaska and my first Grizzly hunt. The saying goes, the right place at the right time could not be more appropriate. Day one of our hunt, we just finished watching 3 wolves not 150 yards from our location and I spotted a large grizzly over 2 miles down the drainage we were hunting. The bear worked toward us on the other side of the black river and finally after a quick move to get in position, I was set up to take a shot.

After it was all over, the massive bear - over 20 years old as revealed due to a lip tattoo from earlier darting, expired after a shot of over 300 yards. We recovered a bullet that passed through the chest cavity and lodged just under the hide on the far side. Examination reveled the 375 H & H 300 gr. DGX Bonded bullet performed exactly as expected. Expansion of 2 times diameter and retention of nearly 100 % weight.

Hornady ammunition works and I have the story of the lifetime to prove it!

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