Last shot of the Day

By Recluse

October 23, 2013

Was hunting with my son near Billings MT about 25 west of there. We got up early as most hunters do to get into our spot before the sun broke the horizen. We watched a beautiful sunrise remembering why they call it "Big Sky Country". It was a brisk morning and the layers of clothes started to be shed as the sun rose. We walked till about noon and decided to break out the sandwiches we had made that morning before heading out. Watching and eating simultaniously we saw a big buck for the area. It was about 2 miles off so we finished eating and put a plan together for the sneak. Needless to say we got the sneak on and when we poked our head over the hill and he and his harem were gone. Not wanting to show any disappointment since it was one of my sons first hunting trips with me we started out walking again. We walked till the sun started to go down and decided it was time to call it a day and start walking back to the truck. My son hit me with a rock from behind and pointed. It was light enough to see the silouettes of the deer. There must have been 30 head across a small valley about 300 yards. They stood motionless thinking we couldn't see them. I sat down using my knees as a brace and picked the biggest silouette. Being it was the last day my tag was good for either sex and honestly just wanted to fill the tag. I took aim and pulled the trigger. By the time we had gathered ourselves and gear we couldn't hardly see our hand in front of our face. My son asked, "did you get one Dad"? I replied I think so we better go and check it out just to make sure. We walked over to where the deer were and there was the grand daddy of the area. There at our feet. My son being only 10 sqealed with excitment. I on the other hand thought great now I get to do the cleaning in the dark. I knew the deer was big so I took my time and field dressed it for a shoulder cape. Still not sure how big the deer really was I picked up the antlers and placed them between my butt and started to pull. One step, two step, and on the 3rd step I couldn't go any further. Having my son with me I broke a glow stick and headed for the farmers house to get some help. The farmer was in shock when he seen this deer. "I have lived here all my life and have never seen a deer this big on my place". My son really got excited hearing the farmer had never seen a deer this big on his place. Its a story my son and I will never forget and often talk about it around the campfire. Its what hunting is all about, making memories and being able to share it with others. Not to mention the meat harvested by yourself always tastes so much better than the meat you buy in the grocery store. Not the biggest deer ever taken but memory with my son that is worth more than the antlers. Hornady ammo makes another memory.

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