Javalina Spr 2013

By Jered L Ellingson

March 3, 2013

Unit 19A. I went on a hunt with my Girlfriends family. It had snowed the night before opening day, then snowed on day 2 of the hunt. I was the only one to bare the cold for a wildly javalina. After dodging hunters all day and hiking back some few miles, I glassed this javalina. I stalked in, coming roughly 30yds away when he spotted me. Instantly, I took the shot hitting him in the neck. He dropped like a ton of bricks. Thinking he was dead at first I approached him, but he attemped to get up. I used my pistol and hit him in the neck again, dropping him one last time. Awesome hunt, and was able to bag an awesome pig. Now to figure out how to make food out of him.

Rifle/Bullet Specs:
Bushmaster M4A1 Upper w/TAO1NSN ACOG 1-9 twist barrel
Bullet used: Hornady VMAX 40gr
Pistol: Glock 17 9mm
Bullet: Hornady self defense

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