Jake's first whitetail buck

By Jake

November 21, 2013

With the general season winding down, I was getting a bit worried if Jake would be able to connect with a whitetail buck. One evening after school he asked me to take him hunting. How could I say no? I left work early and we headed out. As darkness was coming on, we spotted several deer in a field below us. We snuck down through timber to get a better look. No antlers. However, there was an area of the field behind some shrubs that we couldn't see. We snuck further down a draw and crawled up next to a sagebrush to get a view. Jake turned to me, wide-eyed, and whispered "buck". I raised up and saw the deer. With about 5 minutes of legal light left, Jake made a great 120 yard shot. The 165gr SST Superformance round did its job. The rest was taking care of the deer, and getting it out in the dark. I'm one proud dad.

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