Ist Predator with Hornady Zombie Max 223

By Will Jimeno

March 10, 2014

In 2014 NJ allowed hunters to use rifles to harvest predators. I was pumped and had set up my Carlucci Arms AR-15 with Hornady Zombie Max 223 ammo in hopes to harvest my first predator with a rifle. We had such a tough winter and it was hard to get out but I was determined to harvest either a fox or coyote before our season ends on March 15th.

I went out several times and had very close encounters but it was on the fourth outing I was able to take this nice red fox. The fox made it's way in but hung up at 200 yards. I was confident in my gun and my Zombie Max ammo, which I knew would not let me down. I fired my round and connected with a Accurate head shot that was Deadly and man was the Zombie Max ammo ever Dependable for predators!

I was so pumped to have harvested my first predator and now look forward to many more and my ammo of choice will be Hornady Zombie Max that makes zombies out of whatever critter you take with it!

Thanks Hornady for the awesome ammo!

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