Irish Sika Deer

By Jack

October 12, 2022

After a 3 hour sit in a treestand, my dad and I decided to head back to the car. On the way back, we seen these shadows dancing in the dusk. I didn't know if I was hallucinating but soon realized that there were three Sika Stags darting left and right. One older stag and two younger spikes. I watched them for a couple of minutes and singled out this 8 point Sika stag. Got into a safe and comfortable shooting position and waiting for a shot. I followed them with the rifle waiting incase there was a shot offering. Eventually, the 8 point chased off one of the spikes and then returned for a go at the other spike. It was then, he made his fatal mistake. Broadside at 165 meters, I touch off my 150 grain .308 American White tail and down he went with a perfect heart/lung shot. A great day hunting with my dad, something I will remember forever.

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