Iowa Buck

By Nate

December 4, 2012

I was driving for a couple guys on this particular hunt and carrying my Rem 870 Youth 20 ga. I have been shooting SST's for some time and they have folded every deer I have hit with them. I have literally never had to track a single one. The buddy I was with and I decided to hit a small piece of timber that can't be a quarter of an acre. It is something you walk just because it is on the way to where you are going.

I heard him shoot and thought: great he is driving some deer down toward the others who were posted up. Then I heard the crashing in the woods. I saw the rack on a dead run first and didn't realized there was a whole deer attached for a second or two. I pulled up to shoot. I had to clear a house and a then I let him have it. 27 yards and he never set his front legs down again. By the time I had closed the distance to him he was grave yard dead. These slugs are awesome.

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