I am impressed

By Bob Richardson

November 20, 2015

We got up early on a cool morning with frost on the ground, hoping we would get lucky as we were after the had to find white tail Deer. so off we went and on the way out to our area Mule deer standing on my front lawn 3 of them ,laughing at us cuss we don't have a tag for them. we get to our area and there they are more mule deer and yes they were laughing at us too . we started walking down the coulee ,a buck and dow 8point beauty yep it was a muley. then off in the distance we spotted some more deer so we set up the spotting scope .there they were 2 White Tails we set up our plan, and set off I crawled on my belly up to the coulee edge and there they were still eating, but they where still 350 yds away so I set up my tripod and took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger.Down she went . when we field dressed her no blood till I oped the chest cavity . right full,and 1/2 the heart gone and 1 lung vaporized .then after skinning I found about a 2 in hole entry and the same exit I was impressed to see how great the bullet had performed first time using my 25-06and I was very happy with the results!

Thanks Hornady for making great bullets. Have shot lots of deer Elk etc with my 270 but not with Hornady bullets and have never seen such entry wounds as I have with these bullets, I think you now have a very loyal customer. .where I live we don't have a very large population on white Tail deer so when I do get a tag I want my gun and my amo to do there job. THANKS again HORNADY

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