Hunting with dad

By Bryan Freed

December 7, 2012

My father and I have had the opportunity in the last 3 years to spend some quality time together in the outdoors and your products are the only one that we trust our hunts to.

The 150 grain GMX is by far the best bullet I have ever used. I have several rifles chambered in .300 win mag. That combination is excellent for everything from Antelope to Buffalo. Although a little light for large game, those rounds have accounted for 6 antelope, 2 elk, 1 caribou, and one Buffalo. Both Elk were taken with 1 shot each and my dad’s was at 262 yards. The farthest Antelope was taken at just over 400 yards and he went less than 20 yards from the point of impact. The Buffalo was taken at about 80 yards and when the bullet hit its mark he rocked like he was struck by a freight train.

Thanks to you and your whole team for making such reliable, accurate, and all around outstanding products.

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