Hornady you guys Rock

By Graeme Bath

February 9, 2021

It was a last-minute arranged hunt, I was down and out on Ammo with no time to reload, my usual load being the Hornady 140gr SST in 270. so it was off to the shops to find some ammo, being at the end of our hunting season Ammunition stocks at the various shops was also low and being a Hornady Boy nothing else would suffice. eventually, I got hold of 2 boxes of Hornady 130gr Superformance Interbonds. Great no time to test so I figured I should be ok and that all in things would just be flatter than the 140’s. the intention was to go out and shoot 2 Blesbuck.

We arrived at the farm at around 07H00 on a chilly winters morning and shocker it was flat and even flatter in every other direction the Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest were nowhere to be seen, off to the range to see if all was still well with the Rifles, first shot was a 4' gong at 200m, spot-on hit, next was a gong at 400, slightly under. Approval was given. When questioning the 400m test we were to told "today you going to shoot far” we soon realised that Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest were not going to give us a chance, end of season runs they see you and they are gone, hence the decision to try out some Blue Wildebeest, I personally have always deemed the 270 Win as a bit on the light side for Blue Wildebeest especially with a 130gr Bullet.

Eventually had one lined up head-on, she was facing me, guestimated around 300m, at this point doubt crept in, it’s too far, have I estimated the range correctly, is the 270 Win gun enough, is the bullet big enough. Aimed up around 4’ up from the base of her neck.

Then the guide with his, now, now it’s right, no 6 from the left, skiet (Shoot).

Can’t even remember Squeezing the trigger, was to focused on the Wildebeest, just remember her going down on the spot, she never moved. The distance measured just on 320m

SuperFormance did the job, I never did recover that Interbond.

Needless to say, this year I will be better prepared.

Thank you Hornady for my first Blue Wildebeest!

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