Hogs on the run...

By Savannah

November 16, 2015

After a four and a half hour sit, a community of hogs emerged in the clear cut. The hogs bumped a deer while running toward us at 150 yards, the deer scared them and they all scattered. Savannah had her eye on this big sow and only had the head on shot. She dialed in and let the Hornady go to work. The sow hit the ground and never moved. With all the hogs scattered we could hear them running throughout the woods, suddenly we heard a hog that was very close, Savannah had already reloaded when the boar ran across the clear cut, she tracked him in the scope and dropped him as he entered the woods. Once again Hornady gets the job done. Thanks for developing such a dependable product with consistent results. .270 WIN 130gr Superformance SST

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