Hell of a 1st Year

By Lesa Danley

October 9, 2022

Lesa had just started shooting in 2021 and was just over 50 and loved it. She had shot everything I have from Pistols ARs and bolt guns up to the 7mmMag.

We had gotten a great deal on a Ruger Predator camo dipped in 6.5Cre with a nice Vortex scope on it. the scope was dead on at 100. She wanted to shoot it all of the time, but I had to hold her back because even reloading there is a limit to how much ammo I have. I run the ELD-X in all of my bolt guns. They have worked great. I use them in my 243, 6.5Cre and 7mmMag. I prefer the heavier bullets with the higher BC as I don't ever want to not have the range if I need it.

So, we start out our 2021 Hunting season on opening weekend with her as the primary shooter for buck and doe and i was to be follow up. Opening day, we are sitting in our spot and about mid-day a doe walks out. The ranges are no more than 100 yards in this meadow, so we always use a 243. She argued saying she wanted to use her 6.5Cre but I explained while it would work the 243 was perfect for this job. I made her take the first animal with the 243. she was not happy but went along with it.

On opening day just before dark, a doe walks out at about 50 yards away across and slightly away from us. I told her that when she stops to but it behind the shoulder or in the neck. Three steps later she stopped and Lesa Dropped her, well she ran 20 yards.

Sunday of opening weekend a spike buck pops out and she shot and this one also. She hit with another neck shot and he ran 100 yards, but we recovered him. This time she was using her beloved 6.5Cre. 2 deer down and in the coolers on ice. She was not sure if she would be able to stomach the cleaning, but she found it quite interesting.

Weekend 2 it is my turn and I do the same as her with 1 buck and 1 doe down. now we have 4 deer on ice. its looking to be a good year. so now its Sunday afternoon and we are relaxing in our spot just waiting for the sun to go gown and I spot a nice Hog headed in. I tell her to get ready there is a hog coming pout. She said she didn't see it but it was behind some brush, so she got set up. When she saw she said it was small. I told her that it wasn't and to aim for the head just below the ear. She did and the head went up the ass went down, and it started its spin. she asked if she should shoot it again and i told here it was already dead just in a death roll. We waited a minute and then walked down to recover her 1st Wild Hog. It was about what I had thought on size but much bigger than what she had expected. it was just over 177 pounds but solid as hell.

in here first year of hunting within 2 weeks she had taken a Doe a Buck and a good-sized Wild Hog.

Now she is hooked. She is all excited as we are heading into the 2022 hunting season and wants to hunt more species like Elk, Axis and Moose. I can see this is going to get expensive. I am glad she makes her own money. I think I found myself a Life Partner.

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