Great bullet

By Dennis

June 8, 2013

I have been working with the new FTX 308, 30-30 160 Gr. now for about a year. I tried this bullet only because I have had very good lock with the 30-30 150Gr. RN. Now here is the good part, I shoot these rounds in my (30-06) for white tail hunting. My gun brand I don't think is an issue here. It is a bolt action Weatherby Vanguard with a 24in. barrel.

This bullet (FTX 160gr. 30-30 round) impressed me from day one on the range. I zeroed rifle in at 1.5" high at 100 yards, I do get some shooting at 200 plus yards on occasion where I hunt. Group average of 1- 1.25, not the best bench shooter with what I have to work with. Was very happy with this so moved out to 200 yards. Now this is where I grew to really like the round. Believe it or not group stayed in at about 2", (good for me), but the good part was I put the cross hairs 2" high at the 200 yard mark then went to check it out! (I was 2" high!) Went back to the bench and fired 3 shots dead at the bull. This bullet stayed right where I put the cross hairs dead on for 9 rounds spaced 3 shot each!!! Take it or leave it, it's my #1 white tail round for where I hunt in Wisconsin. 3 deer in the last year with beautiful 1 shot kills. (Thanks Hornady), I know you didn't intend this for a 30-06 but does it work for me? BIG TIME!

Dennis from Wisconsin

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