Goodnight Molly

By Ben C.

November 16, 2017

On the 3rd year I applied for a cow moose hunt I was fortunate to draw one of the five tags given out each year. Two days before moose season opener my good friend Clint and I went scouting while hunting "general" deer. As luck would have it there was a really nice bull moose with a mature cow in its company.

Two days later on opening morning at first light there they were feeding just on the opposite side of the bowl in the same area where they were two days prior. After putting the sneak on them (over crunchy snow) I knew I just needed to get close enough for a highly probable shot. I did not want to spook them or the deer that were just to the east of the moose. When I got within 260 yards of the cow I figured that was close enough.

I had run out of time to get a handload dialed in for the hunt. So I opted to just pick up a box of Precision Hunter bullets loaded with 162 grain ELD-X for my 7mm Rem Mag. I fired one shot. Down she went! The cow died where she stood and slid down the 15 or 20 feet to where she was found.

The bullet hit her between her shoulder and neck in the last rib. She was quartered away from me when I shot so the bullet hit her at an angle. The bullet caused massive trauma (obviously as she dropped when it hit her).

Fortunately the bullet was recovered. It passed through both sides of her upper chest and took out the throat and wind pipe and even bruised one of her lungs. There must have a few gallons of blood in her chest cavity when I opened her up. The bullet had just the perfect amount if energy. Enough to cause massive carnage and not so much that the bullet could not be recovered. Her hide on the opposite side was enough to catch the bullet after it did it's job.

I am a true believer in Hornady bullets and can proudly say that I have saw the one shot killing power of both the SST and the ELD-X.

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