Giant Woodland Caribou

By Jeffrey Hubbard

November 11, 2021

It was a cold Canada morning when me and my guide Tyler Benoit went on adventure for woodland caribou. It was so cold that most of the hunters in camp stayed back for a great breakfast and coffee. So Tyler and I went on our voyage for caribou. When we made it to the first look out at 2.5 mile away, we seen approx 25 caribou but no shooters. We spotted with glasses for 30 mins or so and agreed to move over to next look out. At this point we were approx 5 miles from camp and very anxious to see more caribou. As we came along a wooded area with a pond near we seen some white rocks. We both pulled our glasses and seen it wasn't rocks but more caribou. At 25 degree f and 80 mph gust at this point my hands and feet were so cold they were numb. We agreed to after looking at them there was a good stag. We approached to 280 yards were I got my browning 300 win mag rifle, with 200 grain Hornady ELD-X in chamber and got him in the scope. At the pull of the trigger the Hornady bullet made its mark, and the caribou ran 20 yards and fell over. We ran up in excitement, to find out he was not only big but a giant. Thanks to Hornady to making best ammunition on earth.

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