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By Ryfulman

December 22, 2016

So I took up moderate and longer range marksmanship a couple of years ago. I hunted for decades with a lever action 30-30 with open sights so if it wasn't in sight I didn't take a shot.

A friend took me out with his 300WM,put a milk jug out at 400 yards and told me to hit it. Mil dot reticle so I had no idea what any of the marks meant or how to use them. 5 shots later and he'd seen enough. So he taught me to range the target off the reticle,and establish a firing solution. So I dialled in 4.5 MOA and took the shot. And the minute I saw that milk jug explode I was absolutely hooked.

Of course if you want tuned ammo you have to reload. I've tried other brand bullets but I keep coming back to the A-Max. In my 308, 300WSM, 243 I use amax to exclusively. I don't even look at other bullets anymore. And for the varmints we have out here the v-max is devastating in my 22-250 and I've never had an exit hole. And who doesn't love the 30 cal FTX for a lever action. I almost considered a scope on that ole 30-30 but I figured I liked the simplicity of my lever action.

Hornady is the most consistent in regards to concentricity and they seat perfectly every time. I had a problem with seating depth using a different brand. The ogive wasn't consistent and weight wasn't either. I never have a problem with inconsistent weight of the amax. I don't even bother weight sorting anymore.

Anyways I just thought I'd holler. In today's age of mass produced junk it's nice to see an American company leading the way with quality.

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