Flattest shooting round I have ever found!

By Wayne

March 30, 2013

I can remember when the 204 Ruger cartridge first came out, but I pretty much dismissed it. Shortly thereafter,  friend of mine who is an expert marksman/reloader told me how impressed he was with using the Hornady ammo. Sometime later I bought as Savage 12V in .204. Using Hornady 32 grain V-Max bullets I never had so much fun on the range in my life. Almost no felt recoil in the big rifle and I could see exactly hitting golf balls at 200 yds. with ease.

I now have Savage's "Walking Varminter" with the synthetic stock in 204 Ruger, again using 32 grain V-Max Hornady ammo it explodes plastic water bottles and I get to see it through my scope without a hint of flinching. I love it.


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