First use of 7mm 08 139 gr SST

By Bob

August 29, 2017

Was given my dads 7mm 08 and wanted to take an Elk with it in his memory. Was concerned about the energy at 400 yards or more. This is a very flat round out to 500 with still holding 2227 ft-lbs. on my hunt this year in Walden CO i had a shot at 338 yards with a cow elk at last light. Took the shot with a Leupold Scope VX 6 18-44 CDS on top my 7mm 08. had a great front left shoulder shattering the bone and turning the heart into a bundle of bubbles with no exit. The round over performed on my expectations. She didn't walk more then 10 feet. Great round I'm a Hormady fan for ever.

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