First Pronghorn

By Benny Gaines

August 18, 2022

My first Pronghorn Hunt was out of Clayton, NM with WASA Outfitters. Our guide Justin, scouted and glassed for a nice Buck. After climbing in and out of the cab of the truck for hours, my first chance came as the Buck stared at us from over 450 yards away. Patience paid off and luck intervened, because my first shot sailed just above his shoulder and struck brown dirt. Instead of bolting for the hills a mile away, he settled down very quickly and allowed me to take aim at 464 yards and reach out and touch him with my rifle, using a Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143 gr Precision Hunter ELD-X bullet. The rest is history as he came to his final rest, using a cactus for a pillow and the New Mexico ground as his bed. Thanks Hornady, it was an awesome experience for a rookie that's now hooked on Western hunting. Next on my list is a Bull Elk.

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