First Mule Deer

By Mallory Burrell

November 6, 2015

I have been travelling to New Mexico every fall for the last seven years to hunt with the same outfitter. I have taken my son or daughter on several trips and this year was my daughter's turn. It was her first mule deer hunt. On the third morning of our hunt our guide spotted a nice buck sky lined on a ridge several hundred yards away. He didn't hesitate but quickly said get your stuff we're going after this buck. Fortunately the terrain was favorable and we were able to cover the distance unnoticed by the buck. We slipped up a small hill across from the buck using a large bush for cover. Our guide had her lie down prone using her bi-pod and when the deer stood up she made a good 200 yd. shot. The deer only went about 50 yds. The SST bullet in 7mm/08.

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