First Hunt With Handloads

By Kevin G.

January 22, 2018

I am a retired/disabled Army Veteran. I suffer from PTSD, among other things. I got into reloading in July '17 to help me with dealing with some of my issues. All of my reloading equipment is Hornady. Well recently, I was chosen to go on a hog hunt in Florida, sponsored by Operation Outdoor Freedom and Federation for Christian Sportsman. I brought with me a Mossberg Patriot 30-06 and a bag of handloads I put together, using 150gr SP Interlock bullets that I received free for purchasing Hornady reloading equipment.

This was my first hunt using ammunition that I reloaded myself. About an hour after being in the blind, 2 sows and 4 small pigs walked into my area. I chose the biggest one, aimed (high shoulder), and shot one kill. It dropped instantly. The exit wound was a lil over 2 inches! My first kill using ammunition that I reloaded. It ended up weighing 90 lbs. It wasn't a large hog, but still very impressive.

Outstanding equipment...outstanding bullets. THANKS HORNADY!!

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