First hunt was a sucess!

By Isaac Attaway

January 1, 2019

On the last weekend in January 2018 I was able to take my son Isaac for his first hunt ever. Isaac borrowed his mom's bolt action Tikka rifle in caliber 243 Win.

On a chilly Saturday morning with a few hours in the shoot house a mature doe came along and Isaac patiently waited for a clean broadside shot. As soon as she turned Isaac fired his Hornady 100 gr InterLock Amercian Whitetail round making a textbook shot placement wrecking havoc on her vitals, but not destroying any meat. The doe ran 40 yds to her final resting spot.

Later that evening we went back into the blind and after a long wait, right before it was too dark to shoot a group of 40 pigs, some said it was 100.....but I digress, ran out in front of us at 200 yds. Isaac took his second shot of the day and brought home the bacon!

A special group of folks made this first hunt happen and our reliable Hornady ammo helped make it a successful harvest.

Jason Attaway

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