First elk

By Christian

October 26, 2017

I was able to take a trip of a life time this year with my good friends. The trip was full of excitement and adventure getting to see so many elk in one place was an amazing experience. My shot came on the 3rd day of the hunt. We were on a migration route as the elk were heading to sanctuary. Before the sun was up we could hear the mewing of cows and even a few bugles. Then around 9 a group of three cows and a decent bull came into view. They came right in they hid behind a rise before slowly climbing into view. That's when the cows spotted me and took off taking the bull with them.

I took the shot at 75yds as they ran away. My shot hit home causing the bull to shudder from the hit. He made it less then 100yds before falling.

Hornady performing flawlessly as always.

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