First Bear

By Jerm

September 15, 2015

I developed a wildcat cartridge earlier this year that is legal in Michigan's "shotgun zone". It is called the .430 SJS and has very similar ballistics to the .444 Marlin. I chose to use the Hornady 265 grain FTX because it was designed to work at the 2200fps that my cartridge pushes the bullet at. In the last 11 minutes of the last day of the hunt, a 175 pound boar walks out. I placed the bullet just behind the shoulder as he was quartering toward me at a distance of 20 yards. The bear went 25 yards before expiring. When butchering the bear, we found that the FTX took out both lungs and the liver before exiting. The shot was devastating and resulted in a quick clean kill. Thanks Hornady!

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