first 8 point sika stag

By laurence

November 6, 2013

It was opening morning here in Ireland 1st of September, my wife and I were all set for a nice day stalking deer. It was a lovely morning and weather was looking good for the entire day, so we went to our first spot sitting there watching the wood at 400 yards from us. An hour had passed and I decided to take a pee so slipped down the ditch and as I was peeing away, my wife quietly called me that there was a sika stag walking into the field. We were surprised as we were sitting about an hour and thought that nothing was going to come out, but then we both got into position and getting ready for the best shot to take on the stag.  I am using a Blaser R93 in 22-250 loaded with 60gr hornady rounds. Eventually after ten minutes the stag walked about 150 yards up the field so I was getting ready to take the shot, the stag stood side on for a split second and I sent the 60gr Hornady into his neck dropping him on the spot. Man, we were both very happy to get a good quality beast on opening morning. Hope you like me humble story from Ireland.

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