Female takes 10 pt w/ Muzzleloader & Hornady Bullet

By Donna Shaver

November 22, 2013

Hunting on Veterans Day 2013 with a Savage Muzzleloader using a 250 grain Hornady SST Bullet when the flashy horns were spotted walking through the pines by my dad. I got the gun up and ready. Looking through my binoculars I saw horns coming toward an opening. I said wow he has tall points. I got the gun ready and when he stepped out rubbing his horns in the tree branches; I asked "Dad, what do you think? He replied I don't know what you are waiting on because I would have already pulled the trigger. So I took aim and fired at the nice buck at 126 yards. The buck ran back in the woods. Then questioning dad I asked if he saw him in the binoculars. He replied he couldn't see anything he was shaking so bad. We both started laughing and enjoying the moment. I said well why did he run off and dad said well where were you aiming? You know I shoot for the shoulder. Dad said well you hit him somewhere because he donkey kicked then ran. We started laughing again and waiting awhile before coming down. After a good 50 minutes I couldn't wait out any longer we headed to the spot. No blood. I began to get nervous so I started toward the woods looking. No blood. Knowing I am not a bad shot I said he has to be near and looking up I saw brown and down...Whooo Hooo...I began to shout. My handicapped father got there as fast as he could (70 yds.) and we both were having a blast of excitement. The Hornady bullet shot straight through doing an awesome job. I had text my husband & son earlier. They were blowing my phone up texting to hear the news. My US Marine son face timed me on our IPhones and he was able to join in on the excitement. What a Veterans Day...Celebrating with 73 yr. old dad and my son stationed in Israel on our IPhones with the biggest buck I've ever taken on Veterans Days...Then my husband & mom drove up and the fun began again. A very blessed lifetime experience I'll never forget !!!

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