Father & Son Greenland 2022

By Steven Polanish

November 3, 2022

I took my son Austin(age 12), on his first big game trip this past August to Greenland. We created some great memories together that will last a lifetime. The hunt started in the lower part of the Artic circle where I drew a musk ox tag. I used my Griffin & Howe All American rifle with the Hornady ELD-X 300wm 200 gr. bullets. The animal never took one step after being hit. The following day we took a 6-hour boat ride over to the caribou camp to meet up with 6 other dads and their sons that I had on the trip. The views were amazing of the islands and boating in and out of icebergs wasn't too bad either. The first day of the caribou hunt my son shot his first of his two caribou at 140 yards with his Griffin & Howe Highlander rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor using a Hornady ELD-X 143gr. bullet. Two days later he punched out his second tag with a double shovel bull. We ate extremely well and had some amazing fishing on the non-hunting days. Lax-A did an amazing job outfitting the hunt and would highly recommend to anyone.

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