Elk hunt

By Ron Hughes

September 11, 2020

My wife and I were on a two day hunt. The first day I got a Sika deer and a Black buck. I was also hunting for an Elk that day.

After an 10 hour day of hunting and 6 of it was hunting the Elk which we did try stalking 1 that day but he got away. We finally gave up because we were not seeing any more so we waited till the following morning. We were only 15 minutes into the day when we came up on a beautiful one.

Thanks to Hornaday Match 308 168 gr BTHP ammunition it put him down in about 15 yards. I also used the Match 308 for the Sika deer and the Black buck. A big thank you to Pipeline Ridge for all your help in getting my animals. Was an awesome 2 day hunt. We were able to retrieve the bullet from the elk.

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