Crossing Paths with a Pistol


November 28, 2014

This was an exciting hunt for many reasons....this was my first hunt with the Hornady LEVERevolution FTX 140 gr in my 357 magnum....I had recently had the trigger reset up lighter and new spring(s)....and I couldn't wait to use the ballistic tips.
As I was walking and almost to the tree I was to sit under I noticed something moving through the woods...after a quick glassing I seen it was a buck but not sure of the size BUT his path/trail was going to exit in the field just below where I was to sit ....I attempted to get seated prior to him entering the field but lost by 10 he stepped out I reglassed him and determined he was a pistol 33 yds he dropped in his tracks.....he made 2 attempts to get up but would refall on the 3rd I gave him another shot,,,,BOTH were on opposite sides of the neck almost would line up as a through shot...I LOVE these bullets!!!!! I've shot the competitors hunting loads but NEVER had this kind of results immediately. I will see if I can retrieve the bullets when I dress him out tomorrow.

Thanks Hornady!!!

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