Coyote Quad

By Kevin Bewley

June 10, 2021

I have been predator hunting a long time. I use a Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I have always been a huge fan of your ammo. I currently run Hornady ELD Match in 140 grain. It makes sure the coyotes never move a muscle after being hit. A few weekends ago I was able to get 4 down and wasn't even out of my truck for 10 minutes. Shot 2 at 40 yards, 1 at 17 yards, and another at 236 yards. Your ammo proves successful EVERY time I go out in the field. Thank you for producing such reliable and deadly ammunition! Went on that night to shoot another at 180 yards for a total of five on the night. Thank you Hornady!!!

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