Changing Brands

By Pete Redick

June 22, 2021

Hi, I would like to say that all bullets and ammo perform flawlessly, but that is not the case. In one arena my old Buddy Spank had bought a new Ruger 280. He also came to the house with no .284 Hornady bullets, but some other brand. So I agreed to start working up some loads and we went to the bench to test.

After a bit of frustration I had the rifle shooting well, but at a very low velocity for it's caliber and the end result was not great. So after dragging a deer a long ways because of the bullets less than perfect expansion I told him the work was not over.

So I kept his rifle and got the real deal (Hornady) 139 BTSP's out. The results were flawless compared to the other guys bullets and we never had to chase deer far from the impact spot again.

Thanks Hornady, you helped save both our backs, we agreed that we ain't draggin' no deer anymore son! Sorry but I do not have targets to attach to this, it was a long time ago. But believe me when I say that all the rifles that left my bench were sub MOA with Hornady bullets going through them! Pete

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